What does the idiom "does it show?" mean?

does it show? is an idiom used by many writers. When idioms are used in the right place, they open the doors of effective communication and increase your descriptive power. In this way, you will be better understood. The meaning of the expression does it show? is also remarkable in this respect.

Meaning of "does it show?"


The idiomatic phrase “does it show?” is used to ask an individual if they can notice an emotion, trait, or other quality being exhibited by someone. It is usually used when the person asking the question is trying to hide their own emotions, and they want to know if they can tell what they are feeling.


This idiomatic expression has been around since the late 19th century. The first known usage was in the Harper’s Bazar magazine in 1887. It was written in response to a fashion article and the phrase was used to question the amount of emotion that was being expressed in the clothing designs.


This phrase is commonly used between friends and family members when someone is trying to conceal their feelings. It can also be used as a rhetorical question to express sarcasm or doubt about the sincerity of another person’s emotions. It can be used in both positive and negative contexts, but it is mainly used as a way to determine if someone can tell what you are feeling on the inside.

Example Sentences

  • “I’m so nervous about this job interview, does it show?”
  • “I worked so hard on this project, does it show?”
  • “I’m not sure if I believe her, does it show?”

The meanings of the words in the "does it show?" idiom

From One Language to Another: Idioms in Translation

Translating idioms from one language to another can be a tricky task, as the cultural context behind an idiom can be difficult to capture. For example, the French phrase "avoir le cafard" translates to "to have the cockroach," which means to feel down or depressed. Similarly, the Chinese idiom "????" (j?ng d? zh? w?) translates to "frog at the bottom of a well," which refers to someone with a narrow view of the world.


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