What does the idiom "drop sb a line" mean?

Although the meanings of the words in them do not make any sense when examined one by one, the word groups that are shaped according to the cultural roots of the language and that make sense as a whole are called idioms. drop sb a line meaning, in what situations is it used?

Meaning of "drop sb a line"


The idiom ‘drop someone a line’ is commonly used to express the idea of sending someone a message, whether written or electronic. It is a fairly casual phrase, most often used in reference to sending someone a quick note or message to update them or say hello.


The origin of the phrase ‘drop someone a line’ is uncertain, though it is believed to have been first used in the nineteenth century. It may have been derived from the earlier phrase ‘drop a line’, which first appeared in the early 1700s and meant to send someone a brief note or message.


The phrase ‘drop someone a line’ is typically used in informal situations when a person is referring to sending a message to someone. It’s not necessarily a term people use when sending an important or longer message, but rather when they are sending a short one. It may be used when someone is saying hello to an acquaintance they haven’t spoken to in a while, or when they want to give an update on their current situation.

Example Sentences

  • “Hey, it’s been a while since we talked. I should drop you a line and catch up.”
  • “I’m about to head out for a week, but I’ll drop you a line when I get back.”
  • “I was thinking of you the other day, so I decided to drop you a line. How are you doing?”

The meanings of the words in the "drop sb a line" idiom

The power of idioms transcends languages!

"Putting the cart before the horse" is an English idiom that means doing things in the wrong order. In Russian, the similar idiom is "Кладёт колесо впереди лошади," which translates to "Putting the cart before the horse." This idiom emphasizes the idea that doing things in the wrong order can lead to confusion and problems down the line.


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