What does the idiom "for donkey's years" mean?

The phrase for donkey's years is often used in English, but what does this idiom mean? When idioms are used in the right situations, they strengthen communication and enrich the language. You can communicate more effectively by learning the meaning of for donkey's years.

Meaning of "for donkey's years"


The phrase 'for donkey's years' is an idiomatic expression used to mean an incredibly long time. It is often used to emphasize the length of time something has been happening.


The origin of this phrase is unknown, however, it could have come from the fact that donkeys have been used as a form of transportation for centuries and thus have been a part of many cultures for a long time.


This phrase is usually used to emphasize the length of time something has been going on. It can be used to describe a situation or an accomplishment. It can also be used in a humorous way to refer to someone’s age.

Example Sentences

  • I've been waiting for my bus for donkey's years!
  • He's been working at the same job for donkey's years.
  • Grandma's been living in the same house for donkey's years!

The meanings of the words in the "for donkey's years" idiom

Idioms have a common language

"The early bird catches the worm" is an English idiom that means that those who wake up early and start their day early are more likely to succeed. A similar idiom in Spanish is "El que madruga, Dios le ayuda," which translates to "God helps those who rise early." This idiom emphasizes the importance of starting the day early in order to achieve success.


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