What does the idiom "gatecrasher" mean?

Although the meanings of the words in them do not make any sense when examined one by one, the word groups that are shaped according to the cultural roots of the language and that make sense as a whole are called idioms. gatecrasher meaning, in what situations is it used?

Meaning of "gatecrasher"


Gatecrasher is a term used to describe someone who enters a party, event, or gathering without an invitation or proper authorization. This person may be an unintended guest, or a person who intentionally enters the gathering without permission. The term has negative connotations, as gatecrashers may be viewed as intrusive and disruptive.


The phrase gatecrasher is believed to have originated in the early 20th century. It comes from the verb gatecrash which is derived from the Middle English word ‘gatecreepen’ meaning to sneak in or enter without permission. The term was likely used to refer to people who would crash the gates of large parties, such as stately homes, in order to gain access, as well as people who snuck into theaters and other places.


Gatecrasher is a term used to refer to someone who is not officially invited or authorized to join a gathering. It is often used to describe those who show up unannounced to parties or other social gatherings, as well as those who sneak into clubs and events. It is generally used in a negative light, as gatecrashers are viewed as intrusive and disruptive. The term can also be used to refer to digital intruders, such as hackers and cyber criminals, who enter digital systems without permission as well.

Example Sentences

  • The gatecrasher ruined the party by getting into an argument with one of the guests.
  • The club had to call the police to deal with the gatecrashers.
  • The software engineer thwarted the gatecrashers by implementing stronger security protocols.

The meanings of the words in the "gatecrasher" idiom

Idioms have a common language

"The early bird catches the worm" is an English idiom that means that those who wake up early and start their day early are more likely to succeed. A similar idiom in Spanish is "El que madruga, Dios le ayuda," which translates to "God helps those who rise early." This idiom emphasizes the importance of starting the day early in order to achieve success.


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