What does the idiom "have at one's fingertips" mean?

The expression have at one's fingertips is one of the idioms that often finds a place in our literature and enriches our language. However, its meaning is not fully understood, so it is sometimes used in the wrong situations. Please review the explanation carefully for the correct use of the have at one's fingertips idiom.

Meaning of "have at one's fingertips"


Have at one's fingertips is a phrase that means to be knowledgeable or possess information in a way that it is easily recallable or accessible when needed. It implies a knowledge or skill which has been mastered and can be accessed quickly at any time.


The phrase “have at one’s fingertips” comes from the literal act of using one's finger to point at something or someone, or to indicate a location. This action is associated with being able to recall knowledge or information quickly, making the phrase “have at one’s fingertips” a popular proverb.


Have at one’s fingertips is often used figuratively to describe someone who has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in an area. It can also be used to refer to someone who is quick to recall facts or figures quickly and easily. This phrase is often used to describe people who are highly knowledgeable, skilled, and competent, or those who are wise beyond their years.

Example Sentences

  • His mother was impressed by his uncanny ability to have facts and figures at his fingertips.
  • John has a vast amount of knowledge at his fingertips on a variety of topics.
  • She has the best solutions at her fingertips when a problem arises.
  • He quickly rose to the top of his field thanks to his ability to have the right answers at his fingertips.
  • Experts have a wealth of information at their fingertips that the average person does not.

The meanings of the words in the "have at one's fingertips" idiom

Idioms have a common language

"The early bird catches the worm" is an English idiom that means that those who wake up early and start their day early are more likely to succeed. A similar idiom in Spanish is "El que madruga, Dios le ayuda," which translates to "God helps those who rise early." This idiom emphasizes the importance of starting the day early in order to achieve success.


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