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Correct spelling for dark

Looking for the correct spelling and meaning of the word dark? Our page has everything you need! From the etymology of the word to its definition, spelling, and sample sentences, idioms, and proverbs featuring dark.

This word consists of 4 letters and is spelled as "D-A-R-K". It has 1 vowel and 3 consonants.

How do you spell dark

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How to pronunciation dark: ˈdärk

What does Dark Mean?

What does dark meaning in English

  1. Not light; without light. Fleance, his son, who keeps him company, Must embrace the fate of that dark hour. Shakes. Macbeth. While we converse with her, we mark No want of day, nor think it dark. Waller.
  2. Not of a showy or vivid colour. If the plague be somewhat dark, and the plague spread not in the skin, the priest shall pronounce him clean. 1 Lev. xiii.
  3. In Muscovy itself the generality of the people are more inclined to have dark coloured hair than flaxen. Boyle.
  4. Blind; without the enjoyment of light. Thou wretched daughter of a dark old man, Conduct my weary steps. Dryd. and Lee’s Oedipus.

Other definitions for dark

The definition of 'dark' is: devoid or partially devoid of light : not receiving, reflecting, transmitting, or radiating light

How to spell dark

Want to know how to spell dark, you will find a comprehensive answer on this topic. The word "dark consists of 1 syllables and is spelled "ˈdärk".

Synonyms for dark:

There are synonyms for dark'. Depending on the situation and context, the following words are also often used instead of dark:

black, caliginous, darkened, darkish, darkling, darksome, dim, dimmed, dusk, dusky, gloomy, lightless, murky, obscure, obscured

Some words similar to "dark"

Idioms with the word dark

The word "dark" in works of art

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.

A Tale of Two Cities / Charles Dickens

All around, deep shadows, as if the world is becoming dark, the sun is fading away. Everything changes, is fleeting. But when we hold each other hand in hand, in tight embrace, even death doesn't matter. We can hold on to happiness, to love, to each other. We can hold on to life itself.

The Road / Vasily Grossman

So, darkness had descended on that army, and the Trojans made great gains, driving the Argives back, slaying many with their bronze-tipped spears.

The Iliad / Homer

What is dark in other languages

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How many points in scrabble for dark

How many points is the word "dark" in Scrabble? Is "dark" a Scrabble word? Here is the letter-by-letter scoring of the Scrabble game, which is played all over the world in different languages and with different words.

  • D
  • A
  • R
  • K
The total scrabble score for the word dark is 9

The Power of Metaphors in Literature

Metaphors are a powerful literary tool that can help writers convey complex ideas and emotions in a memorable and impactful way. For example, in William Golding's "Lord of the Flies," the conch shell serves as a metaphor for democracy and order, while the "beast" that the boys fear represents the darkness within human nature. Metaphors can also be used to create vivid imagery and sensory experiences, as in Pablo Neruda's poem "Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market," which compares the fish to a "bullet from the ocean depths."


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