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Correct spelling for once

Are you unsure about the spelling of the word once? Look no further! Our page provides the correct spelling and definition of this word, along with its etymological origin. Explore sample sentences, idioms, and proverbs featuring the word once.

This word consists of 4 letters and is spelled as "O-N-C-E". It has 2 vowels and 2 consonants.

How do you spell once

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How to pronunciation once: ˈwən(t)s

What does Once Mean?

What does once meaning in English

  1. One time. Trees that bear mast, are fruitful but once in two years; the cause is, the expence of sap. Bacon. Forthwith from out the ark a raven flies, And after him the surer messenger, A dove, sent forth once and again to spy Green trees or ground. Milton’s Paradise Lost, b. ix. You came out like some great monarch, to take a town but once a year, as it were for your diversion, though you had no need to extend your territories. Dryden. O virgin! daughter of eternal night, Give me this once thy labour, to sustain My right, and execute my just disdain. Dryden. In your tuneful lays, Once more resound the great Apollo’s praise. Pope.
  2. A single time. Who this heir is, he does not once tell us. Locke.
  3. The same time. At once with him they rose: Their rising all at once was as the sound Of thunder heard remote. Milton’s Par. Lost, b. ii. Fir’d with this thought, at once he strain’d the breast, And on the lips a burning kiss impress’d. Dryden. Now that the fixed stars, by reason of their immense distance, appear like points, unless so far as their light is dilated by refraction may appear from hence, that when the moon passes over them and eclipses them, their light vanishes, not gradually like that of the planets, but all at once. Newt.

Other definitions for once

The definition of 'once' is: one time and no more

How to spell once

Want to know how to spell once, you will find a comprehensive answer on this topic. The word "once consists of 1 syllables and is spelled "ˈwən(t)s".

Synonyms for once:

There are synonyms for once'. Depending on the situation and context, the following words are also often used instead of once:

erstwhile, formerly, onetime

Some words similar to "once"

Idioms with the word once

The word "once" in works of art

Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / C.S. Lewis

We believe the one who has power. He is the one who gets to write the story. So when you study history, you must always ask yourself, Whose story am I missing? Whose voice was suppressed so that this voice could come forth? Once you have figured that out, you must find that story too.

Yaa Gyasi / Homegoing

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Think and Grow Rich / Napoleon Hill

What is once in other languages

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How many points in scrabble for once

How many points is the word "once" in Scrabble? Is "once" a Scrabble word? Here is the letter-by-letter scoring of the Scrabble game, which is played all over the world in different languages and with different words.

  • O
  • N
  • C
  • E
The total scrabble score for the word once is 6

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