What does the idiom "with a view to doing sth" mean?

Although the meanings of the words in them do not make any sense when examined one by one, the word groups that are shaped according to the cultural roots of the language and that make sense as a whole are called idioms. with a view to doing sth meaning, in what situations is it used?

Meaning of "with a view to doing sth"


The phrase "with a view to" is an idiom which means "with the intention of" or "with the purpose of". It describes the intention or objective of a particular action. It implies a plan or purpose and a certain level of thoughtfulness, particularly in relation to the future.


The phrase is of English origin, first appearing in the early 19th century, likely from the use of the phrase before then in a legal context. Its earliest use in writing is found in a book written by Robert Burrowes in 1810. It is thought that the phrase initially originated in the legal system, used to describe the purpose or intention of an action.


The phrase is used to describe the intention or aim of an action or decision. It can usually be found in the form of "with a view to

  • verb
ing". It has a slightly more formal tone than other similar phrases, such as "in order to" and "for the purpose of", and is more often used in written language than spoken language. The phrase can also be used to describe an attitude or mindset, such as "he held his position with a view to achieving his goals".

Example Sentences

  • We are preparing for the meeting with a view to reaching an agreement.
  • She bought the car with a view to reselling it at a profit.
  • He took the job with a view to advancing his career.
  • The team has been working hard with a view to winning the championship.

The meanings of the words in the "with a view to doing sth" idiom

The universal role of idioms

"Kill two birds with one stone" is an English idiom that means to accomplish two things with a single action. In French, the similar idiom is "Faire d'une pierre deux coups," which translates to "To kill two birds with one stone." This idiom highlights the efficiency of completing two tasks with one action.


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